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Person-Centred Approach to Counselling

The person-centred approach to counselling/psychotherapy was originally described by Carl Rogers. The theory evolved out of his experience with clients where this empathetic and accepting therapeutic relationship was found to be beneficial. This relationship was characterized by genuineness ( congruency), warm respect (unconditional positive regard) and empathy (resonance with the client's experience).
Initially this type of counselling was known as 'non-directive' psychotherapy because it was based on the principle that the client is self-directive and that there is an organic urge to grow/heal in each individual. The approach was later called 'client-centred' or 'person-centred' to reflect the fundamental role and value of the client in the therapeutic process.


Confidentiality is the basis of all therapy relationships. As a counsellor it is my legal obligation to keep confidential all identifiable personal information about clients. There is also a moral and ethical responsibility to keep confidential the content of the therapy sessions. The only circumstances where confidentiality may be breached are when there is serious concern for the client's life or other lives are at risk, also where serious criminal activities are present. There may also be circumstances when the psychological or emotional health of a client may cause concern that extra support such as from the a GP would be required. In such situations the client would be fully involved in obtaining any extra support.

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